Wake the writer within you


Because memories remain forever

Zero AM is a free journal app that lets you write and preserve your memories with an easy to use desktop application.

Because writing takes away your stress

Zero AM provides you with a clean UI/UX experience and distraction free writing tools. So you can write whatever matters and whatever doesn't.

Because your journal is personal for a reason

Zero AM is equipped with inbuilt password protection. So no matter what, nobody is able to read your journal but you.

Because sometimes too many clicks are just a waste of time

With quick editor, you can write quickly. Just control click on the Zero AM icon and start writing. You'll soon realize that you are writing more.

Because a picture speaks more than a thousand words

Drag and drop pictures from your hard drive or save them from web. That'd be an ideal usage. But you can also use this feature to store your favorite images that you find from web. Just copy and paste it right on the editor.

Because some day is more important than the others

Mark your entries as favorites so you can find them quickly. Tag your entries with your chosen tags and use WYSWYG editor to format the entry however you like.

Because your data is yours

Export your journal entries as PDF or JSON so you can store them wherever you want. After all if it's your data, you should be able to use it wherever and however you want it.

Because everybody should write!