Thursday, June 30, 2022 7:39:17 AM

There is already an object named 'RoastedEmailTemplates' in the database.

5 years ago
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I had installed this when I was running 3.6 and then decided to revisit it after I upgraded to 3.7 and we were closer to launch.  After I installed the core I installed the Roasted Email plug in and I get the following error.

There is already an object named 'RoastedEmailTemplates' in the database.

I noticed that their was a roastedemailtemplate table in the database. Do I just need to delete this table and reinstall the plug in?  Is this listed in another place in the database?  Any help would be great. Thanks.
5 years ago
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Hi Marty,
Yes, the easiest way to do it would be to delete the existing table and try again.

That should fix the issues. This is because the plugin tables are mostly upgraded with version upgrades and it's better to install the plugin afresh.
Thanks & Best Regards
Anshul S

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5 years ago
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Thanks Anshul.  That worked.