5 inexpensive ways to bring a customer back to your store.

Gaining customers may be easy but retaining them requires effort. While each business may have their own ways of attracting customers and so of retaining them, there are a few things that don’t cost much and yet work pole to pole in eCommerce space.

 1. Send a random gift with first purchase

You don't need to spend too much to bring the customer back. Sometimes the smaller, random and unexpected gifts will bring a smile on your customer's face e.g. If you own a book store, how about sending a bookmark along with the book. They aren't that expensive and yet can make a lot of difference to the overall experience. Of course you don't need to mention about this on your product page. Or a free pick if you are selling Guitar. Remember it’s not about the cost of the gift, but about how it complements the product purchased. 

2. Send a personalized thank you note

No matter how big or small your store is, a thank you note written personally is always charming. And if you can hand write it, even better. One of the most power technology invented by humans viz. pen and paper are eventually the most effective way of communication be it online or offline space. 

3. Never hesitate to accept your mistakes and correct if you can

- Did you ship a wrong product?

- Did you not check the product for quality before dispatching?

- Is your customer waiting for your reply for 5 days without any response from your side?

- Was the product description on your incorrect before customer made the purchase?

We're all humans and we are programmed to make mistakes. Accepting the mistakes is what can make your business stand out in that crowd. Remember in the online world, trust is also a currency. And so there shouldn't be any hesitation in accepting your mistake. Sometimes sheer acceptance can turn an angry customer to a happy customer. He knows that you know your fault and are willing to correct it.

4. Remind them for product review after a few days

This can sound boring but is as important as an advertisement. Once your customer has purchased something, don't let him forget you for quite a time. The best way would be ask for his feedback about the product. You can also send a discount coupon for next purchase with the email or may be a discount coupon if the customer leaves a feedback for the product. You'll be hitting two targets with one bullet.

5. Inform them something important before they ask you

Did you ever get an email asking "Where is my order?" or "How long will it take for my order to dispatch?"? If you did, then you can surely improve your supply chain process. If at any point in your supply chain, you find about the unavailability or delay in the delivery of the product to the customer than the promised deadlines, you should proactively inform them rather than waiting for their 'question email'. This not only builds the trust, it also assures customer that you care for them.

Final Words

In eCommerce it's all about trust. And it's not an end result. Rather it's a process that goes on and on. Do you know of any other thing that could possibly bring back the customer? We'd love to hear. Do leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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